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At Andy's Web Kitchen understanding and working alongside our customer stands at our core. We are a South West (Devon and Somerset) based web agency committed to providing a personal and attentive experience to our clients. Trust and integrity remain at the heart of our ethos.

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Expect enthusiasm, honesty and a larger than life personality.

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From pan to plate.

At Andy's Web Kitchen expect enthusiasm, honesty and a larger than life personality. You can rely on clarity and best practice and feel reassured that your best interests lie at the heart of what we do. We consider the growth of your site and understand your long term goals so that the correct decisions are made from the start.

Based in North Devon and Somerset, we are professional web developers who create crisp, conclusive code and offer website development and website design services tailored to you and your customers. We work on multiple platforms covering the entire journey from concept to production, building tools and evaluating workflows that promote your product and engage your audience.

Contact us for new websites, improvements to your current website or page add-ons that you may require (or even if you want a friendly chat and a cup of tea).


We're ready to hear about your requirements (what does your 'blue sky' look like for your site) and are looking forward to working on how we can achieve this together.